"I have enjoyed painting with Mimi during the Coronavirus pandemic. One time we chatted on Skype and then followed a YouTube video together. Another time, Mimi led the session and three of us drew a poppy field and a vase of poppies. We learnt new techniques using cling film and salt. Art is a good way to switch off and try to relax during the lockdown."
Nicola Hill, London

"I love your loose style of painting and wanted to know techniques like salt, scrunching up kitchen film, painting tiny lines with apple branches."
Angela Stokes, Le Val

"I have enjoyed watercolours again for at least the last four years, and at times have painted with Mimi at a house in Entrecasteaux. I have always enjoyed seeing her work which utilises a soft technique which suits her personality. I was delighted to be able to attend her online course allowing me to be more experimental using salt and cling film. I look forward to further courses!"
Hugh Kilgour, CarÁes

"Mim has had several requests to share her watercolour skills with friends, so she set up a small class in the Autumn of 2019 at a mutual friendís home. Sheíd never actually ítaughtí before so this was a first for her. In the event it worked extremely well because she is patient and kind, always finding our positive achievements. Iíve wanted to paint and draw for years but have never managed to rebuild the confidence I lost at school when someone dismissed my painting of classmate Mary Fry as ĎAbsolutely horridí. Now, Iím happy to try under Mimís guidance: her explanations are clear and she takes you through step by step. Amazingly, at the end of the exercise, each member of the group comes up with a completely different result! Watercolour seems to have a movement all of its own which everyone manages in their individual way. There are various new techniques to learn, sources of materials give and references to other painters to follow. I find Karen Rice particularly helpful, as long as I can manage to have enough hands to pause the presentation at the right place. Even when faced with the challenge of a Zoom lesson during the lockdown, Mim rose above the technical difficulty which presented itself on the morning of the first lesson. She is calm, resourceful and persistent, as well as being a talented artist, and an invaluable teacher! Iíll never be an artist, but at last I feel comfortable painting, and that's all due to Mim. Thank you."
Anne Woolmer, Cotignac

"EasyArt with Mim is great fun. Mim has all the skills to show you great techniques then to help you in a positive way to turn what you see as a īdisasterí into art. The most relaxing 2 hours of my week and I am producing interesting art. Fabulous - thank you Mim"
Pauline Holloway, Villecroze